Yuukan na Funny Friends | Stereopony Song of the Week #2

Stereopony - Hitohira no Hanabira

“Yuukan na Funny Friends” was released as a B-side track on Stereopony’s first single Hitohira no Hanabira. The phrase yuukan na funny friends means “My brave, funny friends”. This song is about school experiences and the wonderful relationships that school years bring.

Young people like to make their own rules—or break rules in the process to find themselves and do something different. This song highlights one such incident. At a designated time a group of friends decides to meet near a vending machine by the highway. The meeting time is scheduled late in the night. So, after sneaking out of bed, the friends gather and then head back to their school building. They want to go to the roof of the building, but their footsteps would make a lot of noise. So, they take off their shoes and socks and go ahead barefoot. Using the emergency staircase, they reach the roof, and a sky full of stars greets them. The moment is priceless—the feeling of adventure spiked by the youth and the knowledge that this moment is something that can never be relived with others. Everyone is aware that some day school friends part ways, but at that one moment, on that moon-lit night, is when the friendships solidify and made special. It’s the moments when everyone has put together their struggles to find something special that makes these memories unforgettable. From the top of the school building, even the city that you live in can suddenly look magnificent!

“Yuukan na Funny Friends” is a very youthful and joyous song. Written and composed by AIMI, this song reflects on the young years during middle school and high school. The beat is fast-paced with an easy to catch English chorus beginning. AIMI uses terms like Yuukan na Oroka mono, which means “Brave Stupid Ones,” that best describes teenagers. This song is a very youthful perspective. The term “Funny Friend” is not just literally funny friends but the fact that she had so much fun with them that it’s fun, and so her friends are funny friends.

So, enjoy a sense of adventure as you enjoy the second Stereopony Song Of The Week—with a shout out of “Saa Ikou my funny friends!” (Let’s Go! My Funny Friends!).

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