The 7 Best Summer Stereopony Songs

Stereopony - OVER DRIVE

Many of Stereopony’s songs can instantly energize with their upbeat music and positive lyrics. The best time for many of these songs is summer when the weather and general feel of the season will complement these songs perfectly. These songs are the best songs to have as background music during the brightest and happiest days of the year. First are a few obvious selections which are no doubt on the summer playlists of many, whether or not it is a Stereopony exclusive list, and then some that are not so obvious.

1. Seishun ni, Sono Namida ga Hitsuyou da!

First is “Seishun ni, Sono Namida ga Hitsuyou da!” which translates to “In Youth, Those Tears are Necessary!” but this song refutes its very name with an endlessly upbeat tune and youthful energetic vocals by AIMI. This song is about striving forward to reach your goal (in this song’s case: love) without being deterred. Just like in the PV this song makes you want to jump up and down, recalling youthful days.

2. Smilife

Second is “Smilife”, which talks about picking yourself and striving towards tomorrow however you see fit. With fast beat vocals and intense drums, there’s no way this song can’t energize you especially during summer. Another song that might cause you to start dancing to the beat but even if you don’t dance, there’s no way to stay still during this song. The chorus is very exhilarating, “Tonight, we’ll believe in tomorrow” with flawless vocals, it might be enough to bring chills down your spine. One thing is for sure, even during the most depressing days of summer, you won’t be able to sit still after hearing this song.

3. Aozora Very good days!!

Next is “Aozora Very good days!!”. “Aozora” translating to “Blue sky” it is the perfect song for such weather. This song can best be described as “encouraging” as the guitar is used to guide you to a positive state of mind. Even the lyrics encourage you to run, tumble, hurry, and pass through all hardship. It’s a song that promises you that no matter what, blues skies are ahead of you.

4. Stereopony no Tabi wa Tsuzuku

This song is great to listen to during summer but not just because of its upbeat tune. “Stereopony no Tabi wa Tsuzuku” which mean “Stereopony’s Journey will Continue” and retrospectively that may bring up some feelings (such as sadness). But this song is designed exactly for that, to remember and reaffirm that no matter what we’ll continue to travel on. Rather than focus on today, this song will help you remember those special summers that will always stay in your heart.

5. Niji Bashi

This next song “Niji Bashi” can be played during every season but with a name that translates to “Rainbow Bridge”, it had to be included in this list. This song doesn’t have the most cheerful sound but what it does provide in its sound is determination. This song encourages you to not be overly concerned with details and your surroundings and just live. Intense drums matched with AIMI’s voice make this song you can listen to if you don’t want to take things slowly, because it won’t let you.


This song is a very strange selection for its very noticeably slower pace. There are some days in summer when you don’t want to jump around and dance. But if you want a song for those days, look no further than “OVER DRIVE”. If you want to lay there and stare at the sky, this is THE song. It has a positive theme and describes calm weather, the guitar is pretty relaxed while the drums lead you through the song. There are a few portions of the song where the drums slow down making sure the song stays relaxed. It still encourages you to go into “Over Drive” and stirve towards your dreams.

7. Cupido

Finally Stereopony’s best song to listen to during summer is, without a doubt, “Cupido”. Everything about the song says “summer”. The vocals, the guitar, the drums; everything is at the perfect pace for any day in summer. You won’t be jumping up and down every day during summer so this song isn’t too energetic. This song represents “an average summer day” it describes a trip to the beach during summer, nothing special, but the memory of the day is powerful, the song ends saying “I’m still and will always be living in the wind, light, and scent of that summer”. It challenges you to remember that summer memory that while mundane, live powerfully in your heart.


What is your favorite Stereopony song to listen to in the summer? Is it any of the ones listed here? Let us know in the comments below and enjoy the rest of this summer.

The summer is coming to a close but it isn’t too late to fill it with Stereopony. Get some more summer tunes suggestions from crimsonknight4 on Twitter at @AndyGalan4.

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