Tomodachi no Koibito | Stereopony Song of the Week # 4

Stereopony - OVER THE BORDER

The song “Tomodachi no Koibito” first appeared on Stereopony’s second album Over The Border. The title means the “the lover of a friend”.

The song is a piece about a love triangle that is often seen in popular culture. The two people who are in a relationship have friends who they depend on for various things in the ups and downs of relationships. However, sometimes these relationships start having a growing warmth of their own and a love is born. Calls and messages complaining about a lover turn from asking for help to something that is looked forward to.

The person who is the helpful friend is the one writing this song. So, the feeling of just being with that person is a wonderful thing and finds it unbelievable. The feelings are one-sided and keep growing when a simple “thank you” is said. Not realizing when their own fears and joys are eased by their friend’s lover, an unrequited love is formed without any realization. Special things happen but in the end have to be forgotten for the sake of a true friend’s relationship. The fact that a friend once could be the reason to give up on true love is the stark reality of life that is the irony.

The music and lyrics of this song are both written by AIMI and is self-reflective song about a love that can never see the day of light. The song starts off at an easy pace like a friendship and gathers a momentum reflecting the nature of the relationship. A song filled with a bittersweetness of a relation souring after some wonderful memories.

Enjoy this week’s song of the week, remembering and treasuring realationships that are close to our heart! Follow ButterflySparkle on Twitter at @mangagrab_gurl.

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