Smilife | Stereopony Song of the Week #1

Stereopony - Smilife

“Smilife” was released as the title track of Stereopony’s fourth single and appeared in the track lists for Stereopony’s second album, OVER THE BORDER, and best hits album, BEST of STEREOPONY. The word smilife is a stylized way of saying “it’s my life” and that is exactly what the theme of this song is.

Drawing the energy from life, friendship, and the drive to go beyond one’s limits are the messages of this song. The lyrics talk about how our shortcomings and failures can be taken as a learning experience because there is something beyond us, something great that encourages us. Ideas such as self-realization, happiness, strength, and the drive to reach for the stars is the driving force. We feel tired sometimes but the encouragement comes from our friends and loved ones who watch our backs when we are just cornered by our problems. “Smilife” is a song that reflects the importance of loyalty and friendship. We know there will not be just roses along the way but someday, with the friends we have, we can reach our goals.

The music video of this song had a crowd jumping along to the song, and the beat is like a dash launched into a run. The lyrics and the composition are both made by AIMI, and this song is very reflective of her musical style. The simple but deep lyrics and melodious to would make it a frequently played song at live performances. It is also a song that is very frequently covered by musicians on YouTube.

So, enjoy “Smilife,” the first Stereopony Song of the Week—reveling in your self and just living your dreams!

ButterflySparkle is a Very Good Days member from India and a translator and writer for StereoponyFan. She’s living up her life. Are you? Tell her about it on Twitter at @mangagrab_gurl.

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