Poll: What is Your Favorite Stereopony Album?


In last week’s poll we asked fans to choose their favorite Stereopony single. This week’s poll will have fans choose their favorite Stereopony album. Stereopony released three albums during the course of their career: Hydrangea ga Saiteiru, OVER THE BORDER, and More! More!! More!!!. For the sake of this poll, I will be omitting Stereopony’s best hits album BEST of STEREOPONY. For some of you choosing a favorite may be difficult, so I wrote a brief description of each album’s strong and weak points.


Hydrangea ga Saiteiru Stereopony’s debut album. This album has all of Stereopony’s most significant singles, which is amazing for a debut album. “Hitohira no Hanabira” was an ending theme for the anime series Bleach. “Namida no Mukou” was the opening theme for the anime series Gundam 00 and peaked at the number two position on Oricon. “I do it” was a song made in collaboration with popular Japanese singer-songwriter YUI. The album’s tracks all contained the cool-cute feel that would later be the defining factor of the Stereopony-like feel to their music. Also, the title track “Seishun ni, Sono Namida ga Hitsuyou da!” had its own music video to promote the album, which is something Stereopony’s other albums lacked. Overall, Hydrangea ga Saiteiru is an album that early fans may prefer due to it defining Stereopony’s overall style.


OVER THE BORDER Stereopony’s second album. Out of all three albums OVER THE BORDER contains the most singles and even contains a B-side track, “cherry my…” While the album contained several of Stereopony’s more popular singles like “Smilife” and “Tsukiakari no Michishirube,” the other album songs in general were not as great compared to the previous album’s songs and even some B-side tracks during this album’s era. While a promotional music video for the title track “OVER THE BORDER” was not made, it eventually received its own video in the future when STEREOPONY to Moshimasu -Miseinen Hen- was released. Overall, OVER THE BORDER is an album that later fans may prefer due to its powerful sounding singles that Stereopony became more recognized for.


More! More!! More!!! Stereopony’s third album. Out of all three albums More! More!! More!!! contains the least amount of tracks, which is pretty ironic when you look at its title. The album had a grand total of eleven songs (“Introduction” does not count in my opinion), while the previous albums had thirteen and fourteen songs. Its single line-up consisted of two acoustic songs and “Chiisana Mahou,” which is pretty underwhelming compared to the previous albums. However, what this album lacks in quantity it makes up in quality with its album tracks. More! More!! More!!! contains some of Stereopony’s best album tracks, and it really shows how much AIMI, NOHANA, and SHIHO grew during the year and a half between their second and third albums. Overall, More! More!! More!!! is an album that all fans may prefer due to its success in capturing all sides of Stereopony’s style.

What is your favorite Stereopony album?

What do you think? Which Stereopony album do you think is the best? Vote in the poll and leave a comment below. Also, if you have an idea for a future poll, let us know in the comments below as well.


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  1. actually i prefer with ‘HYDRANGEA GA SAITEIRU’ cause its like their ‘pure’ song (just my opinion)
    and i still like all the albums ^^

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