Aozora Very good days!! | Stereopony Song of the Week #3

Hydrangea ga Saiteiru

“Aozora Very Good Days!!” was first featured in Stereopony’s first album Hydrangea Ga Saiteiru as the final track and again as the final track in Stereopony’s best hits album BEST of STEREOPONY. The title means “blue skies very good days” and the theme of the song is the struggle for a bright future.

Life is full of contradictions—wanting to be left alone but not wanting to be lonely; wanting to be obedient but then wanting to look cool. It is something that changes with our own convenience. Even though we may not know ourselves completely and have these complications in our life, we must run to find our way beyond our problems. After all, as we sow, so shall we reap. Running, leaping and tumbling towards clear, bright skies ahead is the dream. Even though going ahead may not essentially mean we are going straight and even though we can’t decided which wish we want to come true if we had a chance, this greed is in fact existent in all of us. However, if we continue our efforts, there is a person waiting for us. With tears and fears we have rainbow days ahead. The city growing dusky in the evening light may give you a feeling of all your hopes waning, but we must remember we only get as far as our efforts take us.

The song is written and composed by AIMI. This song is most likely based on her own experiences in her teens, and so it relates to all the people from that age group. The fire to continue to chase ahead even if the answer to everything maybe fading away with the decent of the sun is the key point she is trying to put forth. Her words echo a very hardworking personality and a faith that there are always people there to help her out along the way to reach to great dreams. Even with fears and tears—there is always a rainbow after the showers and that day too is a very good day!

This song was regularly performed at lives and has an upbeat rhythm and melody that you can join in even without knowing the words. The theme is linked to a lot of Stereopony songs, as the songs come from their own experiences in life and it gives an insight into their lives. A simple song that gives an energy to the listener is a must on any playlist.

This song is special to the Stereopony’s fandom adopted this name at the suggestion of founding member daibasu. Getting the energy from Stereopony our daily lives become ‘Very Good Days’ and we reflect the same onto the members of the band! Ganabare! (Do you best!)

ButterflySparkle is having a very good day. Say hello to her on Twitter at @mangagrab_gurl. If you have any requests for future Song of the Week posts, leave a comment below.

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