8th Single Release – Chiisana Mahou

Stereopony - Chiisana Mahou

Stereopony’s eighth single Chiisana Mahou is set to be released on December 8, 2010. The title track is the opening for the anime series Tegami Bachi: Reverse, and the single will have a special limited edition version with Tegami Bachi: Reverse artwork on the cover. The other limited edition version comes with a DVD that contains the music video for “OVER DRIVE.” The CD also comes with the songs “Everything OK!!!” and “It’s a wild world,” as well as an instrumental version of “Chiisana Mahou.” It is also reported that “It’s a wild world” will be Stereopony’s first all-English song.

This will be Stereopony’s first release after the band’s hiatus due to SHIHO’s tendonitis. Stereopony’s last release was in June 2010 when the band released their second album OVER THE BORDER.

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